9 x 12. Patterns of change.

9x12. Patterns of change.
“9×12. Patterns of change” .  12.6 f x 8.3 f.  2010-2015.  Bea Ortiz 
Black ink and fine point drawing markers on white paper.
White acrylic on black paper.
Work in progress
“9×12. Patterns of change”  is formed by individual drawings of 9×12 inches.  Drawings on white paper appear over a black background and the black ones over white. They are placed from each other at a distance of 0.5 inches creating a grid, a grid of interconnection which integrate them into a new entity as a whole.
The piece is in continuous change and presents endless possibilities. The fragmented structure allows unlimited recombination of individual pieces, transforming the overall appearance with each modification.
The piece as a whole keeps expanding and is open to growth in all directions, presenting an outward movement. At the mean time the grid resulted  from the separation of the individual pieces creates a counter active effect of contraction, because it draws them in together towards the center, producing an inward movement.
The use of white on black versus black on white produces a visual balanced perception of opposites,  presenting an image of integration and neutrality.
Pieces are sold individually or by groups. Click on image below to see available drawings for purchase. 







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