“Constellations” is a multidisciplinary art project formed by a series of art-works based on the study of point and line as independent basic elements and their interconnection.

It started in March 2009 with the installation-life performance: “Constelaciones en el Lisboa”.  Since then it has not stopped growing and branching into different sub-projects that involve: painting, drawing, installation, music, video, dance and life performance.

Art becomes a tool to explore the concept of interconnection, . The net becomes a metaphor of interdependence between all the elements that coexist and interrelate with each other, manifesting that behind the apparent chaos prevails an absolute order.

Absolute dimensions become relative and consequently macro and micro structure superpose.

Every piece has been created independently but has the potential of being intermixed in a way that complement each other. A puzzle of pieces that can be combined in many different ways, creating a tapestry of possibilities, malleable and flexible .

There is an aim for interaction with the viewer. The installation and life performance pieces offer the audience the possibility to create, transform and impact the final visual appearance of the artwork. So there is an intimate relationship with the piece, the viewers point of view becomes part of the piece.

“Constellations” is a universal concept that belongs to all.

Thank you:

Eva Simón dance and choreography. Jesús Prieto “Pitti” original music. Acoustic & electric guitar. Cecilia Molano video. Daniel Arias”Xandocandra” photography & video. Iván Martín light design. María Guerra and Maribel Arias costume design. Erlui graphic design. Esperanza Herranz photography. Vidal García photography. 

Special thanks to all the people that collaborated on the process, for their generosity and support:

Al Attara, Fernando Ortiz, Carlos Rogel ¨Rizos¨, Virginia de la Cruz, Fernando del Val, Pepe Prieto, Tania Arias, Sindo Puche, Juan Loriente, Luis y Maribel Ortiz, Mariano, Rober, Asun , Isabel Ortiz, Morgan y Nélida, Virginia,  Susana Barragués, Javier Ortiz “Trapo”, Adam Zborowski, Andrés, Marcelo Añez, Olga Graf, Marcelo Pittari, Arturo García, Barbu, Mariliana Arvelo, Isabelle García, Pablo Herrera, J, Vinit Parmar, Tina Zhang and Frank Allen.

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